What Makes Guys Fall in Love? The Right and the Wrong of Love

Are you finding it impossible to figure out what makes guys fall in love? Do they seem to all be interested in sex and they are incapable of any true relationship? Is it becoming so frustrated that you barely want to try anymore? Love is an emotion that can have you soaring among the highest clouds or can leave you wallowing in bitter frustration. Read this article to find out the right way to go and the wrong ways to avoid as you set out to find your true love.   

Many women overlook the power of building a strong friendship with a guy and they head straight for a sexual relationship. It’s easy to understand why. For one thing, making that sexual connection with a guy is easy. From the guy’s point of view, he wants sex, no fuss no muss. From some women’s point of view, it can be strictly the sexual satisfaction they want, but many times it’s an attempted shortcut to a loving relationship.

The intimate contact can often be misconstrued for true emotions. And this is where most women go wrong. They fall in love based on these intimate moments with the guy while he’s already planning his next venture with someone else.

Make that intimate connection with a guy, but on an intellectual level. Give yourself a chance to find out who he is and let him get to know what kind of woman you are. If you don’t think you have the personality to draw a man in and you need to rely on sex, you have to look into that before your next attempt at winning a man. If you can’t see the great woman you are, there’s a fair chance he won’t see it either.

Get in touch with who you really are and build up your confidence. Then when you’re out with him, show him that you really do have more than just sex to offer.

Love takes time and it doesn’t often originate in the bedroom. Trust that you have what it takes to really win a man’s heart.


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