It is never wrong to love

LOVE is a feeling so it can never be wrong to love someone. Stop beating yourself up about it. Sometimes having a relationship with someone is not possible at this moment. Either one of you isn’t ready or there is someone else coming along in your near future you will love even more.

So many of us get stuck and punish ourselves for loving the “wrong person”. What sets you free from the anxiety, depression rejection and wondering why is allowing yourself to accept the fact that for some reason you loved this person and it is OK! Love looks and feels so much better than anger and frustration. Forgiving and loving will help you get through the disappointments and propel you to move on faster.

People are attracted to a person’s energy and when your energy is love, anything can happen. I realized not everything is meant to be a full blown relationship. I did learn from all of them and that is how I made progress. We need to keep learning and progressing to be happy.

Not everyone has the tools to “choose love”. Life is about what you focus on so today; start to focus on what you love about someone not on what they aren’t giving you. You will see big changes in your life when you do. Instead of criticizing your son/daughter today, remind them what it is you love about them. Doing this inspires them to be confident about whom they are and you will feel like a new person!


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