Long-Distance Relationships

Love makes the world go round, but doesn’t conquer all. This holds true to couples who are in a long-distance relationship. Just like any other love, being in love with someone who is far away from you forever is possible. But it doesn’t mean though, that one will be able to survive having a relationship with someone who’s far away and make it last.

Many people I know personally broke up with their partners who had gone abroad because of their failed relationships. And one of the major reasons is the other one found someone new in his/her respective location.

So you can’t blame some couples who break up before the other leave. Despite the presence of love, trust in the relationship is slowly losing because of lack of physical presence, which is important in building trust. Not even instant messaging, e-mailing, and long-distance calls will solve this problem.

In fairness, some couples survive. But these are cases of people whose partner are just staying away for a given period of time.

Some makes expensive duties like scheduling a constant visit to the partner’s place. Still, it will not guarantee trust.

So if your partner decides to stay in a faraway place for good, your relationship should not be taken for granted. Be realistic on the advantages and disadvantages of staying in your relationship then decide whether you’re going to pursue it or not. However, be realistic on the outcome. For security, you may decide to follow and stay with your partner where he/she will transfer.

Trust is important in every relationship. And without physical presence, trust in a relationship has a slim chance to work out. And my stand is…long-distance relationship is most likely to fail…


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